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Part III: FAST FORWARD Season - Past, Present, & Future Series

Notes from the FAST FORWARD season (Episodes #20 - 23)


Recently, we started a brand new Podcast series titled Past, Present and Future.

The idea of this series is to separate it out into seasons dedicated to the past, to the present, and to the future. We just wrapped up Part III of this series where we focused on the future in a season titled FAST FORWARD. The purpose of this season is to look forward on what we can expect in the future as believers in Christ. We did take a little detour and discussed Hell too because even as believers it is important for us to not forget this terrible place, and to try to remain motivated to cast our nets and point people towards Christ along the way.

In these episodes we discussed Heaven and Hell (in a 2 part episode), God's Promises, and we ended with an episode titled Eden Restored.


Heaven and Hell (Part I & Part II - FAST FORWARD)

In Part I and Part II of the FAST FORWARD season we discussed Heaven and Hell.

Our intent was for this to be one episode. However, as we began working through it, we quickly realized this is A) not a topic to rush through, and B) that there is just way too much to discuss to cram in one episode. We really try hard to keep our episodes under 30 minutes for brevity sake.

The fact is that when we think about the afterlife, we must consider that Heaven and Hell are real literal places, and not some fragment of our imagination. I would really encourage you to check out Part I of this two part episode because we specifically discuss several schools of thought that are out there today pertaining to what Hell actually is.

There are many myths and discussions around Hell out there, but I chose to believe what the Bible has to say about this terrible place. And there are quite a few places in the Bible that discuss the reality of Hell, which we talk about in this episode.

In episode #21, we move on and discuss the realities of Heaven. This place is much more encouraging, and is available for us that believe and hide ourselves in the Son, Jesus Christ. We really enjoyed this episode, breaking down what the Bible has to say about this beautiful and wonderful place that we shall call home one day.

In these episode, we discuss these places in much more detail, soI hope you take time to check it out!

If you missed episode #20, where we discussed the realities of Hell, you can listen to it here.

If you missed episode #21, where we discussed the realities of Heaven, you can listen to it here.

These episodes were published on July 10 & July 16, 2020.

#Hell #Heaven #pastpresentfuture


God's Promises (Part III - FAST FORWARD)

In Part III of the FAST FORWARD season we discussed God's Promises.

This was such a great encouraging episode. The Bible is littered with promises from God for His bride. The question really is whether or not we believe and hold fast to those promises. His word is true, and it never changes. But sometimes our own minds and intellects can get in the way in regards to whether or not we chose to believe them.

Throughout this episode, we discuss some of the promises that are offered to us in the future, but also promises we can hold on to right now as well! God's promises are yes, and amen. Do you believe in His promises?

Check out the episode to get more details surrounding God's promises for us today and in the future.

This episode was published June 23, 2020.

If you missed this episode, you can listen to it here.

#Godspromises #pastpresentfuture


Eden Restored (Part IV - FAST FORWARD)

In Part IV of the FAST FORWARD season we discussed Eden Restored.

I loved ending this entire series with this episode. To me, it is just very powerful considering that for mankind if we chose to accept Christ as our Lord and savior it will end right back to where God started this whole thing.

In this episode, we discuss how we are coming full circle to live the kind of lives God originally intended at the point of creation; for us to live in the Garden of Eden. But the Eden we're striving for, our heavenly paradise, will be even better than the Garden of Eden. Why is that you may ask? Well, one key element is that we will not have the tempter, that old serpent, trying to get us to slip and fall.

We started this series with the REWIND season focusing on the Past in our Past, Present, and Future series model. And we did not discuss Adam and Eve in that season because I decided to hold that till the end. The Bible starts with Adam and Eve, and their fall. And it was their fall that allowed sin to creep in, and we've been struggling with it ever since.

But Jesus, the second Adam, came on the scene in the last half of the Bible and redeemed mankind from the fall. He accomplished the perfect life; a life without sin, yet still died a sinners death for you and I. And because of His work, He restored unto us the option to live back in the Garden.

This is such a beautiful story. If you missed this episode, check it out for more details.

This episode was published on June 29, 2020

If you missed this episode, you can listen to it here.

#GardenofEden #Eden #EdenRestored #pastpresentfuture


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